Health Coaching FAQs

Q. What is a health coach?

A. As your health coach, I am trained in the art and science of behavior change.  We will work together to determine what your goals are, develop action steps that fit into your life (so you will continue to take them!) and celebrate your successes as you move toward your ideal health vision!

Q. What is functional medicine? 

A.  Functional medicine is a systems based approach that focuses on identifying the root cause of disease.  Rather than address illness by diagnosing disease and prescribing medicine to suppress symptoms, functional medicine seeks to identify why a disease has manifested and works from the bottom up to remove or address the cause. It’s a powerful model that gives patients control, allows them to achieve lasting wellness or reversal of chronic disease and can free them from a lifetime of prescriptions and side effects.

Q. What will a health coaching session with you be like?

A. While every session will be different from person to person and session to session, each will be guided by the client’s vision, progress and individual circumstances.  I have no agenda. We will work together toward identifying goals, breaking those goals into action steps and discovering how those steps will fit into your life.  I will celebrate your victories and help you re-calibrate when things didn’t work out as we agreed. We’re in this together. I’m your ally every step of the way.

Q. Does health coaching actually work? 

               A.  Yes! There is a growing body of research that demonstrates significant improvement and management of chronic diseases.  Additionally, proving the old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” a multi-faceted approach, including health coaching, has been shown to reduce risk of coronary heart disease.

In corporate wellness programs, health coaching is proving to be the missing link that delivers real return on investment for employers.  Health is individual and wellness programs that recognize that are seeing greater success and outcomes for their employees.  Health coaching delivers the one-on-one attention that employees need to make lasting, meaningful changes – everyone wins!

Q. Why 3 and 6 month packages?

A.  The length of these packages are based on the principles of behavior change. 3 months is recommended as the minimum time to allow the health coaching process take effect. Sustainable lifestyle changes come about through small changes and repetition over time. You will receive ongoing support from me and I will guide and educate you when asked and appropriate.